Afghan Adventure

Afghanistan has always been at the crossroads of Asia, conquered and reconquered through its history. From Alexander the Great to Ghengis Khan, from the Moghul Emperor Babur to "Bukhara" Burnes, they were all here. Marco Polo explored Afghanistan and Rudyard Kipling wrote about it. Many of the world's great religions influenced Afghanistan ? Zoroaster preached his first sermons in Balkh; the Kushans brought Buddhism and built Bamiyan; Mazar-i-Sharif is one of the world's great Muslim shrines. The country is a tapestry of different civilizations, each of which has left its mark in architecture, art, literature and culture.


  • Name: Afghan Adventure
  • Route: Start @ Dushanbe, Finish @ Kabul
  • Dates: 1-10 August 2006
  • Cost: GBP £1,149 ground only (excluding flights)


  • Cross the River Oxus in the footsteps of Alexander the Great
  • See the Shrine of Ali in Mazar-i-Sharif, one of the most famous monuments in Afghanistan
  • Explore the ancient city of Balkh, one of the oldest cities in the world
  • Visit the site of the Bamiyan Buddhas and explore the Buddhist caves
  • Relax at the awe-inspiring Band-i-Amir lakes, whose deep hues of blue defy description
  • Experience the bustle of old and new Kabul, a city undergoing massive reconstruction after decades of war.

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