Security: Our Approach

The Great Game Travel Company believes in excellent security for our customers as a top priority.  In order to guarantee your security, we cannot discuss all of our security measures, as these would compromise the safety of our trips.  However, it is important that you understand the philosophy on security that we use.

  1. We travel to only the safest locations and follow the safest routes for our trips.  If an area is not considered safe, we do not go there.
  2. We use up-to-date, relevant intelligence to let help us discern what locations may be safe, and what locations have increased risk.  It is important to note that a safe location today may be unsafe tomorrow.  Thus, information that is days or even weeks old is useless.  We put great priority on staying on top of the changing situation throughout the country.   Our security officer constantly monitors the local security situation and has a wide network of relationships that help him understand the situation throughout the country.
  3. We use a variety of security procedures to keep our customers safe.  These include, but are not limited to, traveling in multiple car caravans, keeping our vehicles in top conditions, taking communications equipment such as satellite phones and radios to always stay in touch, etc.
  4. Our guides and drivers receive extensive security training including training on safe driving, first aid training, and emergency security procedures.
  5. We respect the local culture and develop strong ties with the local community.  This help us have wide-spread community support for our travels, and helps prevent situations where the local population might be offended by our actions.   Your guide will help you understand how to behave in a culturally appropriate manner.  We will guide you on thing such as appropriate times to take pictures (or not), modesty in dress (for both men and women), and how to greet and interact with locals in order to develop friendships.
  6. We do not travel with security personnel or carry guns on our trip for the simple reason that carrying guns makes you a target, since you risk being confused with a military target.  A better approach to security is to avoid areas where there is the potential for a security incident.  Therefore, there is no armed escort during our tour and a security officer remains in Kabul in order to provide direct contact and intelligence with our tour guides.