16 Day Wakhan Trekker

Trip summary

Number of Days:  16
Group Size: 2-9
Highlights: : The trip begins by driving through the Salang and famous war front areas of Afghanistan into the northeastern province of Badakhshan, where you'll take yaks and horses and begin the trek into the heart of the Wakhan corridor.  The corridor was given to Afghanistan as a buffer between the expansionist empires of Czarist Russians and British India as means to keep a neutral space between themselves, and is considered one of the remotest and least visited valleys in the world.  It has been the goal of many a western explorer and traveler, yet few have ever made it to this dramatic and awe-inspiring valley.
Detailed itinerary (click here)


Travel the ancient caravan route from Kabul to Kunduz via the Salang Pass.  Then continues toward the northeast to Faisabad, and from there to Ishkashim and finally Sarhad.  From there, we leave behind our 4x4 vehicles, and trek with Yaks and horses into the heart of the Wakhan corridor, taking a circle route around the Big Pamir knot, before ending up again in Sarhad.  From there we backtrack to Ishkashim, Faisabad, Kunduz, and Kabul.

This tour can be combined with treking in the Fann Mountains (Tajikistan) or with a jeep tour to north Tajikistan/Uzbekistan or along the Pamir Highway to Kyrgyzstan.  Please see our other factsheets for details of these routes.