Our Staff

Andre Mann

President/General Manager

Languages:  English, Spanish, Dari, Tajik, Russian, & French

Travel Background: Andre is an extreme world traveler, having traveled to 72 countries spanning the entire globe.  Although his family is from the United States, he grew up in Latin America where he learned an appreciation for the remote areas and cultures of the world.  His preferred method of travel is rugged trekking by off road vehicle or backpack.  Whether on his own or with his wife and children, Andre seeks the outer edge of travel destinations.  Preferring travel that takes him to places that few if any foreigners have ever seen; Afghanistan is the perfect setting to indulge these travel passions.

Bio:  Andre lives in Kabul, Afghanistan with his wife and two children.  Andre?s previous work experiences were with Proctor & Gamble where he was a brand manager, and Citibank Mexico where he was director of the Core Bank in Mexico City.  He also served as a consultant in the development of the travel industry in Uzbekistan and sees tourism as a key player in developing and bringing economic stimulation to rural Afghanistan, also connecting the world to travel that only Afghanistan can offer.

Jonathan Bean

Operations Director

Languages:  English, Spanish, Dari, & Tajik

Travel Background:  Jonathan, a highly experienced world traveler, has lived on 4 continents and traveled to 36 different countries, the majority of which are in the developing world.  Two of his favorite world destinations are Yemen and Vietnam because of their well preserved local culture, distinctive architecture, and foods.  Having this passion for sights the developing world, Jonathan is in rugged paradise when dealing with the intimidating landscape and travel that Afghanistan affords.

Bio:  Jonathan, along with his wife and two children, resides in Kabul, Afghanistan.  His experience includes leading tours to Latin America as a college student, and consulting with small travel businesses in Central Asia.  He is an avid adventure traveler who especially enjoys trekking, rafting, and scuba diving.  He also avidly enjoys historical and cultural tours, especially to sites that are remote and have remained relatively untouched by tourism.

Jason Kerr

Trekking Operations Director, Badakhshan

Languages:  English & Dari

Travel Background:  Jason has traveled worldwide from far eastern, central, and western Asia to African, European, and North American destinations.  His experiences have given him a high appreciation for the diversity of international cultures.  He has trekked and backpacked some of the best trails in the world.

Bio:  Jason lives with his wife and two sons in Faizabad, Afghanistan where he has been working in community development for the last five years.  He is thrilled to introduce travelers to the beauty and distinctiveness of the remote Afghan province of Badakhshan as well as connect these people and villages to the world.  Jason travels in some of the most remote areas of Afghanistan with his entire family and has gained a strong cultural understanding of rural Afghan culture after living there since 2001.

Jamshid Rahimi


Languages:  English & Dari

Jamshid's full bio

Mohammed Shafi


Languages:  Dari & Pashto

Bio:  Shafi, also from Darwaz, Badakhshan has lived throughout the country in several different places.  He is interested in introducing world travelers to Afghanistan and showing Afghanistan to the world.  He guides treks in Badakhshan and the Wakhan Corridor proud to showcase the beauty of his country.

Mohammed Nadir


Languages:  Dari & Uzbek

Bio:  Shafi is from Khosh, Badakhshan and has studied and lived around northern Afghanistan and abroad.  He has lived in the Wakhan Corridor and in the Pamir Mountains among the Kyrgyz.  Shafi guides treks in Badakhshan and the Wakhan and looks forward to the opportunity to share Kyrgyz culture and way of life with travelers who would venture to these remote areas in Afghanistan.

Jennifer Webb


Languages:  Spanish, English, Dari & Farsi

Bio:  Jennifer, from Costa Rica, has spent the last five years living, studying, and working throughout central Asia in the tourism development industry.  Her work in project coordination for tourism development is critical in helping to raise the level of local awareness affecting the tourism industry.  Her first project has been in the sector of handicrafts assisting women in the development of a lapis lazuli jewelry micro-factory.