Food and Restaurants in Afghanistan

As the crossroads of Asia, each successive civilization has left its influence on the diverse tastes and flavors of Afghan cuisine.  An Afghan meal almost always includes bread, rice, and tea, along with a wide variety of spices, meat, pasta, fruit, nuts, and sweets.  

On tour we typically find a shaded field near a river for a picnic style lunch.  Afghan hospitality even extends to our picnics where we lay out a carpet and guests are seated on cushions to enjoy the food, scenery, and company.   Dinner is usually eaten at teahouses, chaikhanas, and local restaurants.  Most local eateries serve local dishes in typical Afghan custom.  For health concerns, we are careful to only use restaurants where the food is consistently clean and well cooked. 

 Full board is included on our tours except in large cities, Mazar-i-Sharif and Kabul, where there is a good choice of restaurants.