How to apply for a visa to Afghanistan

Applying for a visa to Afghanistan is generally easy and straightforward. 

  1. Upon booking your trip, request from The Great Game Travel Company (Afghanistan) a Letter of Invitation (LOI), which will state the purpose of your trip and sponsorship information.
  2. We will issue you an LOI, and email it to you within a couple of days.
  3. Fill out a visa application form from your nearest Afghan embassy (see below).
  4. Submit the following to the Afghan embassy or consulate:
    1. your passport, valid for at least six months,
    2. a passport picture attached with cellophane tape
    3. your LOI
    4. your visa application form, and
    5. the appropriate fee to the embassy or consulate nearest you.  Contact them directly for exact fees and details. 
  1. You may be asked for additional residency documentation, depending on the embassy.  It's best to contact your respective consulate or embassy to find out specifically what they will be looking for.
  2. The Afghan embassy will issue you a visitor visa within a few days.

You will need to contact the nearest Afghan Embassy or consulate for any special requirements.  For a list of Afghan embassies click hereFor a list of Afghan consulates click here.

If you are not booking a tour, The Great Game Travel Company (Afghanistan) can issue you a LOI for a £ 35 fee per passport.  Please contact us directly at [email protected] for a Letter of Invitation.