Security - Our Commitment to your Safety

The Great Game Travel Company takes security very seriously. Our policy in Afghanistan is to operate our trips along safe routes and to follow strict security procedures. We always send a minimum of two vehicles on our trips, ensuring that our passengers are not stranded in case of mechanical problems. Our group leaders are equipped with cell phones, satellite phones and radios, in order to stay in communication at all times. Our staff are sensitive to the cultural nuances of Afghanistan and can advise group members how to avoid drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

Unlike most other companies offering trips in Afghanistan, we have our own office in Kabul manned by both expatriate and local staff. We have a security consultant, Mr. Shafiqullo Zarif, who is in constant communication with local law enforcement officials, regional commanders and governors of the provinces we operate in. Mr. Shafiqullo functioned as the Senior Security Officer for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for eighteen years prior to assuming his current role with The Great Game Travel Company. He has instituted a series of security procedures for our operations that allow us to run tours safely in the most interesting areas of the country from a historical and cultural point of view.

In order to travel safely in Afghanistan, it is important to have very recent information about the situation on the ground, and act on it quickly. The experience and contacts of our Security Officer ensures that we have accurate and timely information. The Security Officer has the prerogative of adjusting a tour at the last moment based on the security situation (for example if there were unrest in a particular area on a given day).

As a general rule, the security situation in Kabul, Northern Afghanistan and Badakhshan (the North-East) is stable. We are not currently operating tours in the south of the country.

There are risks associated with travel in Afghanistan, but if you travel with us you can be confident that we have done everything possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Please consult your government's travel advice and do ask us if you have any particular concerns.