15 day Adventurer

Trip summary

Number of Nights: 14
Group Size: 4-8
Highlights: The drive to Bamiyan is breathtaking and dramatic.  Explore the Bamiyan Buddha Niches and caves, Bandi Amir Lakes, and the Valley of the Dragon.  Wander through the Ancient city of Balkh near Mazar, one of the most bustling and quintessentially "Afghan" towns.  Drive high into the Hindu Kush through the Salang tunnel, one of the highest tunnels in the world.  Discover the ancient silk-road city of Herat in all its glory.
Oldest monument:Balkh ruins 1200 BCE
Detailed itinerary (click here)


Travel the ancient caravan route from Kabul to Balkh.  The route passes through Bamiyan Valley (with a day trip to the lakes at Band-i-Amir) then heads northeast to Pul-i-Khumri, and on north of the Hindu Kush to Mazar-i-Sharif and Balkh.  We will then travel back on a different route south through the Salang Tunnel and return to Kabul.  From there we will travel round trip by air to the Herat.


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