Tour Guide Profile: Jamshid

Jamshid under the crystal clear waterfalls of Bandi Amir

Jamshid Rahimi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan during the early eighties, at the height of the Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union.  His family remained in the capital city until the Afghan civil war began in the early nineties.  Kabul became a battleground and like millions of Afghans his family fled to Pakistan for refuge from the war.

In the early period of the civil war before his family fled to Pakistan, Jamshid, a young teenager at the time, was on his way home one day unaware that the area was in the midst of a battle between two opposing factions.  The bus on which he was making his way home stopped for no apparent reason and said they could not continue into that area.  Jamshid exited the bus and started the several kilometer walk to his home.  Initially unaware of the danger to himself, he took notice that he was alone on the street.  Suddenly, he began to hear bullets whizzing by all around him.  He threw himself into a ditch and crawled a great distance, avoiding the sniper fire and finally arriving at the door of his family's home.  He was safe, but discovered that his twin brother had been shot and killed while pumping water on the street outside their home.

While in Pakistan, Jamshid resolved to remain independent and become disciplined.  As a fourteen year old boy, Jamshid began studying and competing in the martial art of Kung-Fu.  Through his study of martial arts, he learned discipline and attained skills to succeed in life.

Jamshid studied English Literature in the Education University of Kabul where he attained his bachelor's degree.  He previously worked with the Italian Army translating and providing security.  He enjoys long car trips, playing cricket, and training in martial arts.  He has traversed the remote areas of Afghanistan walking, riding on horseback, and climbing snowcapped mountains.  Jamshid leads tours showcasing the history, culture, terrain, and adventure that is Afghanistan.