Packing for your adventure in Afghanistan

The more you travel, the more you realize that you need much less to travel comfortably than you previously thought.  Bring as little as you can without creating unnecessary hardship.  A good rule of thumb is to only take what you can carry by yourself for at least one kilometer. 

What to Pack

Travel Pouch: Passport, money, tickets.

Day Pack: camera, reading material, water bottle, sun hat, sun glasses, sun screen, chap stick, copies of passport and air tickets, wet-wipes or anti-bacterial liquid soap, and tissue paper.

Luggage: walking shoes, flip-flops, flashlight (torch), mini alarm clock, mosquito repellent, bathing suit, light jacket (seasonal), winter coat (seasonal), socks, underwear, pants/skirts, shirts, specific medications*, and toiletries.

For Trekking Tours: hiking boots, travel towel, sleeping bag, air mattress.

*On all our tours we carry First Aid Kits that contain emergency essentials and medication for common travel illnesses.

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